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Pipe expanding laboratories - 50 years

On the day of the machine builder on September 25, 2016, the pipe expanding laboratory celebrates its 50th anniversary.

50 years ago, back in 1966, in Volgograd, at the All-Union Scientific Research and Design Technological Institute of Chemical and Petroleum Apparatus (VNIIPTKhimnefteapparatury), the Research Laboratory for Pipe Flaring (LRT) was created, which opened a new direction of research and development in the field of technology for the manufacture of shell-and-tube heat exchangers and AVO. LRT still remains the only specialized laboratory in Russia for fastening pipes in tube sheets of heat exchangers by expanding. All theoretical and applied research and development on this issue in our country have been made by LRT researchers.


Leading specialists of VNIIPTKhimnefteapparatura 1972





Tube expanding laboratory 1972








Author of scientific papers on the theory of flaring, head of the laboratory until 1991 - candidate of technical sciences Viktor Mikhailovich Brif





Developer of flaring machines of the MED series and other technological equipment, head of the laboratory in 1991-1993 - Candidate of Technical Sciences Vladislav Vasilyevich Kozub





Author of scientific papers on methods of non-destructive quality control of expanding joints, head of the laboratory and LLC "Tehremex-LRT" 1993 - 2010 - Candidate of Technical Sciences Solomon Abramovich Sheinbaum



JSC "VNIIPTkhimnefteapparatury" and LLC "Tehremex-LRT" today:

JSC "VNIIPTkhimnefteapparatury" is the leading organization for the technology of fastening pipes in tube sheets of heat exchangers in the chemical and oil and gas engineering industries.

LLC "Tehremex-LRT" is a leader in Russia and the CIS countries in the development, production and implementation of electrical installations for expanding and facing pipes. More details.


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