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Tube facing and drilling machine MET-2

Tube facing and drilling machine MET-2.




Available for steel tubes from 10 mm to 38 mm O.D., a wall thickness of 1-3,5 mm.

Tube end facing / weld removal and tube wall reducing machine for heat exchangers

The MET-2 machine is designed for facing and drilling tubes with an approximate O.D. from 10 to 30 mm, a wall thickness from 1 to 3.5 mm and removing welds in combined (welding with expanding) joints.

Maximum internal diameter heat exchanger treated without moving the installation up to 1400 mm


Optimal cooling of the tool provides multiple saving. Preparation machine preparing air, oil-air emulsion that is fed directly into the zone of the facing automatically. T. O. lubrication, cooling and blowing the wear debris produced in the process automatically.

Motor-reducer controlled by a frequency Converter, allows you to select the optimum speed for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and tubes of non-ferrous metals. Maximum cutting speed of the tubes 504 rpm.

Outperforms the manual pneumatic machines with fixing tool at the inner diameter of the tube 30 times.

The horizontal rack frame moves in a vertical frame parallel to the plane of the lattice heat exchanger. The carriage, with a fixed geared motor of the main drive that moves vertically worm motor reducer for vertical movement with frequency Converter. This allows you to quickly move the gear motor of the main drive to the desired area and then perform precise positioning.

Removing the weld seams holding tubes machine for heat exchangers.

                                                            Technical data

length . . . 2500

height . . . 2300

width . . . 830

Weight, kg, not more . . . 450

Rated motor power, kW . . . 1,8

Nominal frequency of rotation of the rotor of the motor, rpm . . . 1410

Nominal spindle rotation frequency, Rev/min . . . 293

minimal . . . 176

max . . . 530

Approximate outer diameter of the treated tube, mm . . . from 10 to 38

Move the tool horizontally, mm . . . 1400

Movement of the tool vertical, mm, not less . . . 1350

Movement of the tool along the axis, mm . . . 150

The depth of bore of tube, mm, not more . . . 60

Mains voltage, . . . 380 (- 38, + 57)

AC frequency, Hz . . . 50

Voltage lighting . . . 24

Installation of MET-1(2) issued since 2003. Constantly improve. Extremely reliable. All issued install (more than 30) are working today.

         Additional equipment for the installation of MET-2 on order

1. A core drill with a guiding head for drilling tube, type S

2. A facer for trimming the ends of tubes of type RT


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