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Hydraulic tube pullers M-SPX



                                                              Hydraulic tube pullers M-SPX

Consists of mobile stand, to the form factor which is a high-pressure pump, SPX Power Team, centrifuges with a hydraulic cylinder, SPX Power Team and capture, high-pressure hoses SPX Power Team with quick disconnect connections (BRS) and the rocker TSW.


Dimensions, mm :L 1150 x W 700 x H 2500

Weight :160 kg

The balancer TSW provides a complete compensation of the weight of the extractor. Suspension height is adjustable.

In the constructive stand is a Desk and a wardrobe for snap.

Shipping brackets allow you to move the installation of the crane.

The centrifuges with a double-acting hydraulic cylinder SPX Power Team



The presence of centrifuges hollow stem allows you to remove the pipes of any length.

The table shows the most common models of hydroextractor.

It is possible to manufacture hydroextractor other sizes on special orders.

Hydroextractor with a hydraulic cylinder double acting



Model hydroextractor




The maximum force on the rod when removing the tube, kN




Outer diameter of exhaust tube, mm, not more




Piston stroke, mm



Dimensions D*L, mm




Weight, kg





Hydraulic cylinder, double acting SPX Power Team has plated piston rod, wear-resistant. High quality gland packing provides long service life without the formation of leaks.

The cylinder bore processed by the technology Power Tech to ensure high corrosion resistance.

The advantages of surface treatment technology Power Tech

A significant increase in the service life of the cylinder

Reliable retention of lubricant, preventing adhesion of bronze and other materials to the surface

The increase in fatigue limit of the material and impact strength

Increased resistance to plastic deformation and tensile strength

Providing increased resistance to abrasion and scratching

Minimum surface hardness of 56 units on the Rockwell scale

The surface treated according to the technology of Power Tech was tested by the method ASTM B117-85, corrosion resistance, while in the salt fog for 100 hours.

Hydraulic pump Power Team SPX-380V

Two-stage hydraulic pump SPX Power Team

Lock function prevents unintentional engine restart after abnormal power-off. External pressure reducing valve adjusts the pressure from 70 to 700 bar.

Pump starts and runs under load, even when the voltage drops in the network by 10%.

The metal casing protects the motor and electrical components from dust and moisture.

The noise level of the pump during operation below the limit established OSHA — Directorate of safety and security jobs (74-76 dB).




Hydraulic pump Power Team SPX AIR with pneumatic actuator

Two-stage hydraulic pump Power Team SPX AIR operates at a pressure drop in the network 3 to 8 bar. The noise level of 85-90 dB at a hydraulic pressure of 700 bar.

The control cylinder is 3 Hadaway valve.

Valve with tandem center holds the pressure in the hydraulic system when the power of the pump.


Technical characteristics of pumps 

Pump model



The power and type of engine:

El. MOT.2.24 kW/


380 V/50 Hz

The air motor 2,2 kW

Remote control

                                            24 In

Maximum pressure

700 bar

Oil consumption

The 1.6 — 9.7 l/min

Of 0.7 — 8.4 l/min

Control valve

Solenoid 3-position,



Hydraulic hoses

BRS: length 6m. d EXT.=9.5 mm,


the safety factor on pressure 4:1

Pressure gauge

Scale 0-700 bar, 1/4”, accuracy: ±1%

Tank capacity

21,6 l

9,4 l


394х362х638 mm


Weight of pump with oil

74,3 kg

44,7 kg



High pressure sleeves (RVD) SPX Power Team

The inner diameter of the high pressure sleeves (RVD) 9.5 mm provides increased throughput of the flow. When using hoses with internal diameter of 9.5 mm return stroke of the cylinder rod is reduced in 3 times, compared to standard produce hoses with an inner diameter of 6.4 mm. the Ratio of margin pressure 4:1 working pressure 700 bar burst pressure 2800 bar. RVD consists of six spirals and fortified with two high tensile steel braids. Rubber casing RVD oil/weather resistant. Meet CE standards.


The tools to hydroextractor M-SPX

Kit for removal of tubes, consisting of a tap of type M and the shank of the type X, provides a more secure engagement of the tool in the pipe compared to generic taps-shank. More reliable engagement of this kit is achieved by tapping with a special tap of the M a complete thread profile in greater depth.

This solution virtually eliminates the failure of the tool while removing heavy to collapse and stuck tube, as well as greatly increases the life of the tool.

Tap type M for removal of tube with centrifuges

The tap is used for threading the pipe. Has a special thread. Special heat treatment provides increased surface durability.


Shank type X to remove the pipes with the help of centrifuges

The threaded shank is screwed into the removable tube with pre-cut thread and then captured by the collets of the centrifuges for removal of tubes from tube sheets. Has special thread, eliminating failure of the instrument with the removed tube.



The threaded capture type "RZ" collet type

Serves for a secure grip shank or portion of the removed tube.

Thrust bearing type UW

Serves to stop the centrifuges in the pipe grid, perceiving axial load.


Specification of tools and equipment for hydroextractor M-SPX




The threaded capture

Thrust bearing

Nominal outside diameter of tube, mm

The nominal wall thickness of tube, mm

М - 20-2

Х - 20-2

RZ - 20-2

UW - 20-2



М - 25-3

Х - 25-3

RZ - 25-3

UW - 25-3



М - 25-2,5

Х - 25-2,5

RZ - 25-2,5

UW - 25-2,5


М - 25-2

Х - 25-2

RZ - 25-2

UW - 25-2


М - 38-3,5

Х - 38-3,5

RZ - 38-3,5

UW - 38-3,5



М - 38-3

Х - 38-3

RZ - 38-3

UW - 38-3,5


М - 38-2,5

Х - 38-2,5

RZ - 38-2,5

UW - 38-2,5


М - 51-4,5

Х - 51-4,5

RZ - 51-4,5

UW - 51-4,5



М - 51-4

Х - 51-4

RZ - 51-4

UW - 51-4


М - 51-3,5

Х - 51-3,5

RZ - 51-3,5

UW - 51-3,5


 The unit of the M-SPX is also equipped with pneumatic bolting machine HYTORC for taps M-type and shank type h. Firm HYTORC is the undisputed world leader in the development and production of systems for torque tightening of threaded connections.

Pneumatic Bolting machine reverse high speed for

  • pre-threading in the removed pipes with a tap of the M
  • unscrewing the taps of the M
  • screwing the shanks of type x in the delete tube
  • breakdown and removal of the shanks of type X from remote tubes

torque tightening of threaded connections


Specifications Pneumatic Bolting machine HYTORC


Drive square

Length L, mm

Height H, mm

The radius of the key, mm

Tightening torque, min - max, Nm

The first speed, Rev/min

The second speed, Rev/min

Weight, kg













Precision torque limiting: ±5%

The required flow rate and pressure of the air in the pneumatic system

- For models with a maximum torque of 7050 H*m - 0,85 m3/min at 6 ATM

- For all other models - 0,65 m3/min at 5 ATM

Standard delivery

Coaxial reaction bushing and reactionary focus – setting 360°

- The block of preparation of air, including:

·        Digital/analog pressure gauge

·        Filter drier and oil sprayer for auto pogotovki air

-Air hose with quick-connects (connects the FRS and bolting-car) - length: 3 m (9 m optional)

-Case for bolting machine




We reserve the right to change data as a result of improving production.



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