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Products and services of the laboratory of tube expanding

Laboratory of tube expanding development in the field of standardization

    • GOST R 55601-2013 "heat exchangers and air coolers. General technical requirements for mounting in tube plates".
    • OST 26-17-01-83 reissue 2007. "Heat exchangers and air coolers standard. Technical requirements for the tube expanding with torque limitation".
    • OST 26-17-02-83 reissue 2008. "The tube expanders with forced cooling and lubrication for tubes diameter mm 10-57".
    • OST 26-02-1015-85 reissue 2007. "Fastening of tubes in tube grids".
    • STO 00220368-014-2009 "Mount tubes in tube sheet of tube heat exchangers and air cooled heat exchangers".
    • STO 00220368-015-2009 "Tube expanders for tubes diameters 10-57 mm".
    • STO 00220368-018-2010 "Certification of technology of tubes expanding in the tube arrays shell and tube heat exchangers".

Laboratory of tube expanding activities in the field of certification

The current rules (GOST 31842-2012, 3612-023-00220302-01 TU, TU-3612-024-00220302-02 STO 00220368-014-2009 section 10; STO 00220368-018-2010) require the certification of specialists, technology and equipment.

    • Training and certification of specialists in the tube expanding
    • Certification of technology of tube expanding
    • Certification of equipment for tube expanding

Laboratory of tube expanding services

    • The letters of permission to derogate from regulations on mounting in tube plates in particular cases
    • The letters of recommendations on technology of tube expanding for non-standard cases
    • Development and approval of technological instructions for the tube expanding

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