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About company


TECHREMEX since 1966 is the leader in Russia and CIS-countries in electrical tube expanding machines in tube sheets of heat exchangers and machins for facing of tubes.

MER-11M, MER-16M, MET-2 machines are withstand operation in 3 shift mode for minimum 10 years.

Tube expanding machine MER-11М and tube facing and drilling machine MET-2 are a unique development of TECHREMEX, they are have no analogues in the world.

The team of TECHREMEX has developed regulations for the tube expanding: GOST R (STATE ALL-RUSSIAN STANDARD) 55601-2013.

The company TECHREMEX – today

Today in Russia and the CIS, almost all the enterprises of chemical and petrochemical engineering, a refining, petrochemical, nitrogen plants, the chemical and nuclear industries, thermal power plants, enterprises of GAZPROM, ROSNEFT, LUKOIL and also their repair Department in Russia and CIS have successfully used tools and equipment, TECHREMEX. So, for example, delivered more than 280 of the electrical tube expanding machines in series, the MER and more than 30 electrical tube expanding and drilling machines series MET. TECHREMEX is the leader in Russia and CIS countries on this equipment.

Regular customers of equipment and tools, TECHREMEX appreciate its high quality, reliability, dependability, convenience in work; for the quality produced with it works that is the result of our 50 years of experience in research, technical developments and their introduction into production.

The company has a quality management certificate ISO 9001:2015. Also tube expanding machines series of "MER" and tube facing and drilling machines series of "MET" are certified in accordance with the EAC (EurAsian Conformity).



In 1964 founded the Institute of VNIIPTchemnefteapparatury (All-Russian research and design-Technological Institute of chemical and petroleum apparatus), which is the only in Russia specialized scientific research organization in the manufacturing technology of the vessels.

In 1966 the Institute established the research laboratory of tube expanding.

Since 1968, the laboratory, based on its own developments, have organized the production of tube expanders and tube expanding machines.

he laboratory has gone from simple devices for expanding to mass production tube expanding machines that meet global standards.


In 1992 at the research laboratory of tube expanding No. 21 PJSC VNIIPTchemnefteapparatury was founded TECHREMEX Ltd.

In 2006, TECHREMEX Ltd. was reorganized. On its base was established TECHREMEX-LRT Ltd. ("TECHREMEX" - technology, repair, exploitation; "LRT" - laboratory of tube expanding).



Laboratory of tube expanding development in the field of standardization

Team TECHREMEX together with VNIIPTchemnefteapparatury (All-Russian research and design-Technological Institute of chemical and petroleum apparatus), developed and implemented at the enterprises of chemical and petroleum engineering since 1966 14 names GOST (STATE ALL-RUSSIAN STANDARD), OST (the standard of the organization), STO (the standard of the organization), RTM (Release To Manufacturing) on the basic processes of fastening of tubes in tube sheets, tightening of threaded connections, etc.

The team of TECHREMEX is the co-author of a number of regulations for the fastening of tubes in tube sheets of heat exchangers, tightening of threaded connections in heat etc. all these guidelines ensure the use of unified technological solutions in the production process, contribute to improving its technical level. Most of the documents have been approved by Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision).

  • GOST R 55601-2013 "heat exchangers and air coolers. General technical requirements for mounting in tube plates".
  • OST 26-17-01-83 reissue 2007. "Heat exchangers and air coolers standard. Technical requirements for the tube expanding with torque limitation".
  • OST 26-17-02-83 reissue 2008. "The tube expanders with forced cooling and lubrication for tubes diameter mm 10-57".
  • OST 26-02-1015-85 reissue 2007. "Fastening of tubes in tube grids".
  • STO 00220368-014-2009 "Mount tubes in tube sheet of tube heat exchangers and air cooled heat exchangers".
  • STO 00220368-015-2009 "Tube expanders for tubes diameters 10-57 mm".
  • STO 00220368-018-2010 "Certification of technology of tubes expanding in the tube arrays shell and tube heat exchangers".

Laboratory of tube expanding activities in the field of certification

The current rules GOST R (State all-Russian Standard) 55601-2013, GOST (State all-Russian Standard) 31842-2012, TU (established technical requirements) 3612- 023-00220302-01, TU (established technical requirements) 3612-024-00220302-02, STO (the standard of the organization) 00220368-014-2009 section 10, STO (the standard of the organization) 00220368-018-2010 require the certification of specialists, technology and equipment.

  • Training and certification of specialists in the tube expanding
  • Certification of technology of tube expanding
  • Certification of equipment for tube expanding

License to conduct educational activities № 581 from 30.05.2012.

Laboratory of tube expanding services

  • The letters of permission to derogate from regulations on mounting in tube plates in particular cases
  • The letters of recommendations on technology of tube expanding for non-standard cases
  • Development and approval of technological instructions for the tube expanding
  • Development and approval of the provisions on the engineers responsible for the fastening of tubes in heat exchangers




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