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Tube expanding machine MER-11M

Tube expanding machine MER-11M




Maximum tube sheet O.D. which can be done without repositioning of the machine at the heat exchanger : 1900 mm

Dimensions : L 2200 mm х W 880 mm х H 2500 mm

Weight : 390 kg


Geared motor no.

Telescopic shaft no.


Н х м

Speed rpm


Approximate outer diameter of expanding tubes, mm








16 – 20



400 - 604

20 – 25



328 - 524

25 – 33



252 - 400

33 - 38





99 - 152

38 - 63



  1. Stand.
  2. The control unit of geared motor is adapted to a programmable logic controller (PLC) Signetics.
  3. The control unit of stand.
  4. Geared motor MR.
  5. Telescopic shaft VT.
  6. Leg three-button remote control.
  7. Tube expanding tool type “A” – cooled.

  Additional equipment option: the machine of cooling and lubrication

The control unit of geared motor of main drive and the cooling unit

Блок управления мотор-редуктором

Electronic control system with a flare will organize a series of expanding: start the engine, testing to the specified torque, stop, reverse inclusion. In automatic mode, the cycles are repeated. The duration of the pause between cycles is adjustable.


Also, the control unit automatically arranges the optimal mode of cooling: automatic on submission of the air-oil emulsion upon reaching the set torque values; off - after the start of the reverse.

Technical characteristics of the control unit the geared motor machine cooling and lubrication

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) Signetics.
  • 4 waste digital display for displaying modes and parameters of the flaring process, archive read data by expanding each connection.
  • Leg three-button remote control 24 V.
  • APCS expanding.
  • Setpoint torque in N*m
  • Time setting reverse from 1 to 60 seconds
  • The delay time from 1 to 60 seconds
  • A frequency Converter for rotational speed adjustment of main drive
  • Archive data display in the beading of each connection (up to 1000 compounds)

APCS expanding process control implemented by the control unit and frequency converter provides:

  • high productivity due to increased speed when expanding the tubes to the contact with the tube sheet,
  • high quality due to automatic transition to a lower speed when expanding after the contact of the tubes with the tube sheet,
  • high quality due to the possibility of manual switching mode of expanding at a reduced speed,
  • storing up to 1000 values torque flaring with the possibility of viewing them on the screen of the control unit,
  • soft start and soft stop.

Additional equipment on request:

USB interface for connection to laptop:

   - the data output for program control of the correctness of the chosen moment,

- a conclusion of the achieved points for the certification and processing of data,

- the program visualize the process of expanding with the construction of graphics in real-time with the possibility of archiving of the received data.

Geared motor main drive with the MR suspension


Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase.


Power output: 2200 watts.


High performance is ensured accelerated expanding of the tube to the sample clearance with the tube grid through frequency Converter

Telescopic shaft VT

Телескопический вал V1

Provides increased working area without having to reinstall the geared motor.

The machine of cooling and lubrication.

The cooling and lubricant operates from the pipeline prepares the air-oil emulsion that is fed directly into the zone of expanding automatically after reaching the preset torque, which eliminates spraying outside of the pipe and facilitates working conditions. Lubrication, cooling, and blowing the wear debris produced in the process automatically.


The optimum cooling mode implemented by the block cooling and lubrication and cooling expander type ‘A’ contributes to the stabilization of the contact pressure in the connection tube and the tubesheet. This improves the quality of the beading connection and also increases the productivity and enhances the durability of parts by 30 %.

The optimal mode of expanding

The optimal mode of expanding implemented by the control unit with process control systems expanding meets the requirements of GOST R 55601-2013, OST 26-17-01-83* (reissue from 2007), and expander, manufactured according OST 26-17-02-83** (reissue from 2008) and one HUNDRED 00220368-015-2009*** provides high quality flaring up to critical deviations in the joints. For example, for tube size 25x2-2.5 mm permitted limit deviation of the outer diameter of the tubes to ±0.45 mm, wall thickness up to 15% of the diametral clearance between the tubes and the hole in the tube sheet to 1.58 mm.

Tube expanding machine MER-11M produced OOO "Techremex-LRT" from 1992 to 2009. Since 2010, produced the streamlined installation of the MER-11M.

                              All units MER-11 and MER-11M (over 80), even released over fifteen years ago (MER-11M) work today.

          Most of the components for the installation of the MER-11M made in Germany and Italy. Certified according to EAC.

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